Stop Sea Turtle Farming

Stop sea turtle farming

there is
no humane way
to farm sea turtles

Sea turtles are amazing. These solitary swimmers cover thousands of miles. So just imagine the cruelty of trapping one in a small filthy tank. Now imagine hundreds, thousands. Packed together, sea turtles get sick and stressed. They turn on each other. Tourists that pay to ‘meet’ these sensitive animals might not recognise the bite wounds, or know that handling them is mental torment.

The farm targets these same tourists again when it ends the turtles’ miserable lives, slaughtering them for sale as steaks and burgers. We think sea turtles deserve better. Let’s stop sea turtle farming today.

The last sea turtle farm on earth

With sandy beaches and crystal waters, the Cayman Islands looks close to paradise. But it is home to a living hell: the last turtle farm on earth. This tropical coastline should be a haven for wildlife and a heaven for wildlife lovers. But the Cayman Turtle Farm is an exploitative blot on the landscape, farming sea turtles long after any other such enterprises have shut down. The end of sea turtle farming here would mean an end to this horror worldwide. 
Help us make this happen. 

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Sea turtles are solitary, migratory creatures, born to swim long distances in clear waters. They are wild animals. Forcing them into densely packed tanks and breeding them for meat is a daily torture. A profit-seeking torture. This ancient animal cannot adapt to life on the Cayman Turtle Farm. They are simply not equipped to cope with a place that:

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